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The system consists of

n.1command and control unit, UDS-A   n.3temperature sensors   n.2aerosol generators   

Approval number E3 - 10R - 05 7194-00

The AK0745 is the system to detect and extiguish fire in the coach’s engine room and pre-heater room.

If you want protect too pre-heater room it’s necessary 1 more generator and 1 more temperature sensor.

UDS-A functions:

  • to manage the thermic sensors
  • to manage the FPG generators
  • electronic set up for CAN-BUS
  • Real Time Clock system for the local retention of the alert events, sent from UDS-A control unit, by EEPROM memory card;
  • USB port on-board for the reading, by a PC, of the last 200 alert events occurred;

How AK0745 works?
The temperature sensors control the temperature and if it’ like fixed temperature, they send signal to UDS-A. UDS-A actives the generators. Extinguish fire in the engine compartment occurs in two different and consecutive moments. The AK0745 system works AUTOMATICALLY.
No maintenance required.
Watch how it works.
Technical characteristics:

  • aerosol compound (each generator): 715 g or 90 g
  • 715g generator’s dimensions: 197 mm x 127 mm (no bracket nor screw) - d. 165 mm
  • FirecomAutomotive’s generators are made in stainless steel.
  • control panel dimensions: 118 mm x 46 mm (widht mm 80)

AK0745 can have some optionals: LINK HERE to know or  contact us.

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Aerosol fire fighting system for historical archives and EDP

1the smallest of the family, only g 90 aerosol compound   1Aerosol Generator g 400   03Aerosol Generator g 850   04Aerosol Generator g 1200   

The AS generators are the new aerosol generators designed and engineered to protect very specific environments: SERVER ROOMS, EDP and ARCHIVES. The mechanics and physics of the AS generators were designed to prevent damage to paper and electronic circuit boards. The residue that may be deposited on the surfaces becomes dry once the system is activated and therefore can be removed easily and becomes noninvasive.

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It consists of:

n.1 command and control unit, KUS   n.1thermosensitive cable   n1-2aerosol generators   

Ak0346 is the simpified aersol system designed from FirecomAutomotive. It's dedicated to protect: minibus, camper, bus.

How its work?

When the fire start in engine compartment, the thermosesitive cable detect the temperature and causes a short circuit, so the KUS activates the generators.

KUS functions:

  • to manage thermosensitive cable that detect the fire;
  • to manage the FPG generator/s;
  • to control and check, with signal LED, the system

The Unit has a sound signal.

 APPROVAL NUMBER:  E3- 10R – 047076


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Payment system:

36 months   

Expedience to bus fleet.  Not buy but hire the system.
- not system’s obsolescence
- pay on rate
- payment deductible
- technical assistance free

The AK0746 system consists of:

n.1LCD control and command unit. ULD   n.10Temperature sensors   n.4Generators   

Simultaneous temperature detection of 5 different zones.  Simultaneous protection of 3 different zones.
LCD monitor.

The fire extinguishing capacity depends on the volume of the area to protect (this may be 90 g, 550 g, 715 g).
The compound is released into the engine compartment with delayed action of the second generator in respect to the first.

ULD functions:
- management of heat sensors used to monitor temperatures
- analysis of signals sent by the heat sensors and control of pattern of temperature changes in each zone
- management of FPG generators
- supports CAN-BUS interface
- system control via LCD screen
- Real Time Clock system for local storage of all alarms detected by the ULD on one EEPROM memory card
- USB port on-board to read, using a computer, the last 200 events

- 12 V auxiliary battery to make the system completely independent from the vehicle battery.
- CAN BUS interface software

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