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Certifications and Approvals Technology Advantages

Certifications and Approvals

See below to find the different approvals and certifications that Firecom Automotive dispose of. Clicl the link to open in pdf format.
  • EMC E3 10R-04 (download from pages of systems)
  • MSDS

The Italian research has realized an innovative condensed aerosol fire suppression system

The Aerosol from FirecomAutomotive suppress the fire without eliminate oxygen from the space and without damage mechanical or electronic parts.

The FirecomAutomotive generators of fire suppression is based on FirecomAutomotive aerosol technology.Few quantities for big volume. Our system protect in everywhere even the traditional ire suppression system not arrive.

How does aerosol work?

The physical action is due to the higher specific weight of the Potassium salts. These alkaline salts in the air with aerosol tends to stratify. As the alkaline salts have the property to be insert substances they hinder effectively the classic interaction between combustible and supporter of combustion that occur during the fire. In the meanwhile the chemical reaction generates very strong and stable links between potassium radicals and free radicals produced by the combustion itself.


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The fire extinguishing aerosol systems are many advantages respect the traditional system

• requires no pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles or pipe work so are easier to install;
• project engineering and installation easy;
• good design;
• no electrical conductive;
• no toxic;
• environmental friendly (ALT: negligible; ODP: 0 GWP: 0);
• no damage mechanical nor electrical parts after discharge;
• easy to remove;
Discover the advantage of aerosol systems as opposed to the others extinguishing agents: link here.


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